Automatic welding line membrane panels production Finland is equipped with two welding machines that increases the production of membrane panels twice, the length of the machine is 18 meters, which allows the manufacture of membrane panels up to 18 meters. The unit is fitted with pre-heating line is made Italy , the line of correction cold-rolled coil and line of cleaning cold-rolled coil



The line of bending of membrane panels of production Germany, the passed width of 3000 mm that allows to make bending of membrane panels in width of 3000 mm. the Maximum radius of a bend of 400 mm, the minimum radius of a bend of 150 mm, the maximum degree of a bend of a membrane panel of 135 degrees



Kazakhstan’s only electric heat-treatment furnace with bogie hearth furnace production Finland, oven specially manufactured according to the specifications of our enterprise.Furnace 17 meters long and allows a heat treatment of the membrane panels with a length of 17 meters. Electric oven max temperature 11оо, payload pod 95 tons.


Longitudinal milling machining center of CNC



Pipe bending machine T-76 made in Russia, the maximum diameter of 76mm, produces bending in three-dimensional measurement.

Guillotine shears of width 3200 mm, maximum cutting thickness 25 mm.


Radial drilling unit

Rolling machine of 3000 mm width with CNC equipment , maximum rolling thickness 25 mm.


The line of automatic spiral finning of pipes of production South Korea. Produces welding of carbon steel pipes, low alloy steel, stainless steel and high alloy steel. Pipe thickness from 2-12mm, pipe diameter 25-114 mm, machine length 18 meters.


Automatic plasma cutting manufactured in USA, maximum plasma cutting 50 mm.

Automatic shot blasting installation for pipe cleaning .


Electric induction medium frequency 0,15 tn.

Electric induction medium frequency 0,5 tn.


Manufactured products

Convection heating surface of boiler:

Units of boiler heating surface:

Air heater and  metallic structure:


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